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Our goal

Inspired by the coloured flags of Nepal.
In Nepal colourful Buddhist prayer flags are seen throughout the entire country. These flags are symbolic of fire, earth, sun & water. It is said that as the wind blows through the flags blessings will be sent across the land. Like the flags of Nepal, we at Momos hope to spread the same type of blessings through our incredible tasting and healthy foods.
Enjoy and Namaste!

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Momos at the market logo


Why we chose that name for our restaurant
Momos (pronounced mo-mos) are meat or vegetable filled dumplings originally from Nepal and Tibet. Ours are completely hand made starting with local flour based casings and are filled with chicken, pork or veggie mix. We serve them with Yam’s tomato, coriander and garlic sauce.Momos are typically steamed but they can be pan fried as well. After trying just one of our renowned Momos, you will understand why they are so popular and why we decided that our restaurant should carry the same name. We have been serving them to delighted customers for over 20 years. We know you will love them as much as we enjoy preparing them for you, our valued patrons!

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Sukuti (Nepali: सुकुटी) is a dried meat product of Nepalese origin, also consumed in the Himalayan regions of India and Tibet. It is usually made from buffalo, lamb, or goat meat. It is a staple dish of the Limbu[1] It is known as Sakhekya in the Limbu language.[2] It was used as a source of protein and also to add variety to the diet during the winter seasons in the mountain areas. Today the food is generally available among mountain communities, and thus can be consumed and sold year-round. Sukuti is one of Nepal's many meat products; and can be consumed in many ways.


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